Oils for Fertility & Pregnancy

My story...

Ah, both of these areas are very close to my heart. I wish I could say that I was one of the lucky women that got pregnant without hardly trying and then had a beautiful water birth with the sun rising and the birds chirping outside. Unfortunately, my experience was very different. Before my son was born I had 2 miscarriages. He is my rainbow baby. I had a super healthy pregnancy but in hindsight worked too hard and could have prioritised more self care. It also probably wasn't the smartest decision to stop working in a full on corporate sales role at 35 weeks pregnant and then move from Melbourne to Sydney - at least my nesting urges got put to good use unpacking! Whilst having a healthy pregnancy I was big, like by month 5 people were asking me how close I was, my son was born a whopping 11lbs 11oz (5.35kg)! He fed well but sleep, well that wasn't really his thing... fortunately it has all worked out now. 

I guess my point is, fertility and pregnancy are so different for everyone. We spent a huge amount of money with naturopaths, doctors and obstetricians trying to figure a way through it all. At that stage essential oils weren't a part of my (our) life, had they been they may have made it smoother preparing our bodies physically, I certainly think they would have been a huge emotional support. I'm so glad you're here now. Whether you are already using essential oils or just finding out about how they can help you, you've already given yourself the gift of choice. 

Before we start...

I'm not a doctor, midwife or obstetrician so please check in with your medical professional before taking the oils or supplements. I also highly recommend following Stephanie Fritz from The Essential Midwife who has a wealth of knowledge in this space and a huge amount of resources available including what to include in your birth bag through to infant care using essential oils. Essential oils can be used safely during pregnancy and with babies & kids, however, dosage and dilution is key. I always recommend consulting reputable resource books or an aromatherapist if you are unsure, Clary Sage for example can help bring on contractions so you need to be mindful of using this one until labour, some women also find their milk supply can become reduced using Peppermint oil. 


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AromaTouch Professional Kit

These oils are the ones recommended by The Essential Midwife. These oils are also the basis for the AromaTouch technique which is a beautifully essential oil application applied to the back and the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness. I personally use almost all of these oils on a daily basis, if not weekly as I find they support me so well emotionally and physically. 

  • Balance - (align and ground for both Mum & Bub. Diffuse with Wild Orange during labour)
  • Lavender (calming, sleep)
  • Tea Tree (immune, dry skin conditions such as cradle cap)
  • On Guard (immune system)
  • AromaTouch (occasional leg cramps, layer with Ice Blue for relief for low lying ligaments and  sciatic nerve)
  • Ice Blue (back discomfort and post partum head tension - this is what works for hubby's migraines)
  • Wild Orange (uplifting for when 'baby blues' hit)
  • Peppermint (wakey wakey! I add a drop of this in the shower to wake me up if I sleep badly. Sniffing from the bottle / cupped hands can also work wonders for an afternoon pick me up)

This kit has a great balance of oils to support you physically and emotionally, I would recommend adding a diffuser to your order or as soon as you can so you also get the aromatic benefits. 

All enrolment kits also include 25% off retail prices for 12 months and access to my awesome community, a free welcome pack from me, educational resources including an Online Oil Camp and free app for you to get educated on how to use the oils safely.